Soon, this page will be filled with links to all of our lyrics.

For now, It's just a list of songs.... If it has an underline, it is a live link.

All Time Greatest Hips

I Ain't Waiting
Living In My Own Little World
The Waitress Song
Heroes & Rogues
Nobody Likes To Be Lonely
Luigi & Linda
Ask Me To Dance
He Still Thinks About Her
You Can't Win
Never Enough Time
Working Without A Net
Did You Leave Anything
My Girl's Like A Freight Train
Don't Fear The Reaper/Burnin' For You

What Am I Doing On The Moon?

Cyclops Listen at MP3.COM HERE
Bring Me His Head
Harvest Moon Listen To Sample Here
Doesn't Matter Anymore
Never Let You Down
Reaper/Burnin' 2003 mix (W/Buck Dharma)
Chicky Chicky Boom Chok Chok
Guess I'll Be OK
Man Plans
What About The Other Ones?
Hello To You
The Big One
Blood On The Moon
Ballad Of Too Hip For The Room
What Am I doing On The Moon?
Rare Tracks
(only released on limited CD-R copies or MP3.COM for a limited time)

Warren Zevon's Gonna Die (Life Sucks)
Ballad Of Boba Fett
1,000 Soldiers (have you found the secret website?)