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Folk Legend Tom Paxton
Thanks for keeping the torch lit! Take no prisoners!

Roger McGuinn of The Byrds
Congratulations on your song beating mine for number one folk-rock song on, it's a great tune, and you guys deserve it

Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult
These are the best covers of our songs. Most people have way too much respect for us. Too Hip For The Room has tickled the cosmic funnybone.

Broadway Blotto of Blotto
Simply, Pure genius.

Ben Stein on "I Wanna Be Ben Stein"
I love "I Wanna be Ben Stein." It's funny, smart, has a catchy tune, and captures well what it's like to be me. We play it every day on the set (of Win Ben Stein's Money) and everyone thinks of it as background music to our home on the set.

John Shirley, Sci-Fi Author “Wetbones,” Screenwriter "The Crow"
Very interesting. Very entertaining.

Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult
I received a tape a while back of THFTR and thought they were so good I passed the tape to other band members, which started a friendly relationship between the bands. We were glad to add a few cameos to THFTR’s projects.

Bob Buchmann, Program Director, Q104.3 FM in New York
Some great stuff going on there...

Ted Nugent, after hearing a THFTR song on the radio
Cool sound, who are these guys?

Rory Rosegarten, Executive Producer “Everybody Loves Raymond”
Great fun!


Press Reviews

Excerpts from a Fi Magazine Review by Frank Doris

What a blast! The songs are delivered in a kind of modern-folk style (forgive me for these kinds of broad-brush analogies, but they do help to get a handle on things). THFTR has a wry streak about them, evidenced in many of the lyrics.

The sound quality is an excellent example of the fact that you no longer need a professional recording studio to make a great recording. In fact, this CD is in many ways far more realistic-sounding than a professional pop production. Instruments and vocals have an uncanny sense of realism about them, because they are recorded “straight up,” with no compression, EQ, Aphex Aural Exciter, BBE, Orban or Lexicon-type “enhancements” and all the other outboard studio gear pro studios and producers use to give records that radio-friendly studio “sheen” and “punch”—while destroying realism by killing dynamics and giving the overall recorded sound an artificial, hyped-up quality.

Ironic—most home studios don’t have the kind of processors the big bucks studios have—so they can’t use them—so their productions have a more “direct-to-tape” quality about them—so they ultimately sound more “real,” with a more accurate tonal balance and a far greater sense of clarity, immediacy, openness and presence. Although you’ll hear some vocal and instrumental overload distortion on a few songs, such is the case on this THFTR disc—really, the overall vocal and instrumental clarity far exceeds most anything else I’ve heard lately.

The kicker is an outrageous medley of BOC’s “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper/Burnin’ for You featuring none other than Buck Dharma himself on vocals! Performed as a medium-tempo shuffle (think “Fever” or “Stray Cat Strut”) with acoustic guitar, percussion, acoustic-electric bass and gorgeous harmony vocals, the track is a real hoot, and the sonics are fabulous.

Under the Volcano review of “Don't Fear The Remake,”
THFTR’s limited edition CD of Blue Oyster cover tunes

In a lot of ways this is the ultimate disc. It's at times hilarious, it's quite mellow, and in addition, it's an album of Blue Oyster Cult covers! Songs from all parts of their prolific catalogue are given that trademark Too Hip For The Room acoustic touch. Among the dozen or so guest appearances on Don't Fear The Remake are your favorite Blue Oyster Cult members, like Buck Dharma and Danny Miranda. Talk about full-on value for your money! I'm practically counting the days until the release of their third release Bill Gates, Jesse Ventura & Ben Stein Walk Into A Bar...

-Review by The Middle Child, printed in Under The Volcano #53

Gods Of Music Review of the tribute song "Warren Zevon’s Gonna Die,"
distributed mainly on the internet, and the #1 folk song on in the summer of 2003.

"Warren Zevon's Gonna Die" is a funny song but it's more that. It’s very well played The recording sounds great! It has all the humor of a good old redneck joke.

The acoustic guitar has a wonderful deep rich tone. The slide guitar adds that missing touch. It makes the song more than a joke, and I'm not poking fun here. The song is funny! Really funny I was busting up listening to this one. Coolest thing about "Too Hip For The Room" is that they were trying to be funny! Some bands are funny when they don't mean to be

All of the parts were played very well. I am sure we all will be hearing much more from this trio from Long Island. I for one look forward to it.
Cool stuff guys!